Meet the Team

Hengbin Chen

Hengbin Chen

Laboratory Manager

Male engineering graduate of Energy and Environmental Engineering from the University of Sheffield in UK, Work steadily in Speedpure Lab.

Quiet and enthusiasm, all say an emotional heart hidden in the mature appearance.

To be absolutely accurate, care for everything.

Li Liu

Li Liu


On the way of marketing and planning career with effort and responsible attitude; always feel warmth because of your companion.

Keep going forward to daringly meet the challenge in the future!

Half of the truth is the truth!

Aping Lin

Aping Lin


A fifteen-years product and mould technology talent, also an on-the-job trainee of Production Project Management

Are all technologists boring? At least about me, I don’t think so!

To recognize my limitation all the time, then to improve myself all the time and make a successful career!

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